Our Data Analytics solutions help credit unions to enhance member experience, member growth and operational efficiencies.

Join the Data Revolution

Your credit union can do more with its critical data. Realize more revenue growth. Unlock more insights. Add more to your member experience.

But compiling your disparate data sources can be difficult and time consuming.

That’s where Trellance comes in. Our data analytics solutions make unlocking your data’s insights simple and efficient. See what we can do together.


OnApproach M360

OnApproach M360 is our industry-leading technology that integrates your key data into a single source of truth,

and gives you the analytics you need to transform your credit union.



We know you have report data coming to you in different file types from various source systems, and that having your data in one place will give you the power to make better business decisions to enhance your member experience. Our IronSafe solution extracts and transforms any report file type from any source system into usable database structures automatically. This allows you to quickly analyze and visualize your report data in one secure report warehouse.


Data Management Consulting

As a credit union, your most valuable asset is your data. But how that data is managed can be the difference between success and failure. Whether you’re just establishing your data management processes or looking to improve existing practices, Trellance’s Data Management Consulting can help you accelerate your data journey.

We’ll analyze your credit union’s current status and define areas of improvement to ensure a successful and sustainable data management practice. You’ll get a custom, high-level roadmap outlining key actions you can take to adhere to data best practices – and work toward achieving a desirable data management maturity level.


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