Our Data Analytics solutions help credit unions to enhance member experience, member growth and operational efficiencies.

OnApproach M360

OnApproach M360 Enterprise is a collaborative, multi-sided, Analytic Data Model (ADM) solution that enables credit unions to integrate all of their data into a single source of truth. It is a true industry standard data model because it is core and ancillary system agnostic. OnApproach M360 Enterprise enables employees at all levels of an organization to use information and analytics to increase efficiencies, manage risk, increase sales and profitability, and enrich relationships with members. This enables the CU Analytics Platform for advanced analytics, increased collaboration, data pooling, and more.



We know you have report data coming to you in different file types from various source systems, and that having your data in one place will give you the power to make better business decisions to enhance your member experience. Our IronSafe solution extracts and transforms any report file type from any source system into usable database structures automatically. This allows you to quickly analyze and visualize your report data in one secure report warehouse.


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